The Maximilian Center Bonn GmbH & Co.KG purchased an existing building from the 1970s in the area of the main train station in Bonn. Part of the complex is an underground passage which serves as a connection between the central bus station and the main train station, including the subway service.

The existing building is to be leveled and replaced with a new construction. The underground passage will be renovated to be used as retail space.

In the context of project optimization, Grauel Consultants placed special importance on the practicality of the work to be performed which led, among other things, to a change in the demolition plans. Additionally, the new construction was optimized to increase the lettable area and to lower the total construction costs without a loss of quality.

The necessary reporting was performed with the approval of all parties involved in the planning and presented to the client for the sake of final decision-making.

GC has the ongoing responsibility to prepare for and execute the awarding of a general contractor and to advise the builders through the complete permitting process.