Danish real estate developer Schaumann Properties A/S built a 4-star hotel with 563 rooms, including FF&E, near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin for Scandic, the leading Scandinavian hotel corporation. With this project in the German capital, Scandic marked the start of their international expansion program.

The hotel is part of a three-stage development scheme consisting of a residential building being constructed simultaneously and a future office complex.

The hotel was financed by SNS, Grauel Consulting’s client.

Grauel Consultants (GC) was appointed to perform monthly site inspections and to provide the bank with construction phase progress reports.

As a risk assessment basis, the reports document the current state of the construction including photo documentation for comparison with the stated project goals regarding:


In case of any identified deviations GC proposes goal-oriented actions or countermeasures to SNS.