Versatility and flexibility are important to us. After many years of professional experience, there are very few responsibilities that we have not already managed. Individual service and being able to exactly recognize the needs of our clients are the abilities of which we, as a cohesive and efficient organization, are especially proud of our individual service and the ability to exactly recognize the need of our clients.

Project Management
Before your project even begins, we are able to lead you through the process of ensuring a secure and transparent investment decision for all parties involved. We fit the scope of our services to meet the capacities and resources of our clients and the size of the planned project. We see project management as a complete set of services for realizing complex projects in the real estate sector. We can take over, as needed, all delegable builder responsibilities including procurement and bank relations.
Builder Representation
If desired, we will take responsibility for all delegable builder tasks as the leading, active project manager.

This includes:

Project Preparation


Construction Planning


Project Completion

We will also completely take over other areas of operation such as organization, information, coordination and documentation, quality and quantities, costs and financing, appointment planning, capacity and logistics. We think and act in accordance with our client’s entrepreneurial spirit. We are also glad to offer individualized additional services as client representative including customer acquisition. Should our client have the adequate capacities and resources to handle certain tasks in-house, we will customize our services to facilitate working together efficiently and effectively.

Asset Management
Grauel Consultants currently manages a real estate portfolio of well over € 80M within Germany for international clients. This asset management is a comprehensive service including ongoing reporting and completion of all business processes. We do not make a significant distinction between property management and asset management. We simply take care of your property.
A task that is usually difficult to delegate. Through our client’s confidence, we are able to offer complete leadership in real estate development. This begins with the analysis of investment alternatives and continues through the assessment of properties for a development, the analysis and calculation of business factors and guidance through the completion of the project.
Project Steering
Quality, scheduling, costs – these are the foundation parameters for success in every project. The goal-oriented control of these parameters is one of our core competencies.
Even if all the standard tasks and functions necessary for the success of your project have been assigned, there can also arise the desire for additional advice or the need for an expert second opinion as a basis on which to make a critical decision. Sometimes you need the critical overview of a specific process or even of an entire project.

In another case, you might need one-time or regular evaluations or an independent external controller.

We will investigate and appraise the current state of the project and compare it with the project goals. We consider the achievements of the planning and construction as well as the milestones and project costs and present the results and suggested measures in a clear, detailed and easy to understand report or presentation. If desired, we can also include an analysis of the project organization and structure in our assessment.

Technical Due Dilligence
On short notice, for example to secure a purchase decision, you need a detailed assessment of an existing property. We can reliably provide you with the required Technical Due Diligence (TDD) that can help you decide whether or not a property will live up to its promises.
Additionally, it can be necessary to predict future capital expenditures. Naturally, you can expect us to provide you with a capex report that will or can be an assistance for you during purchase contract negotiations.

In short, we gladly help you, even with individual questions, with our expert knowledge to make the right decisions or guide your current projects with timely analyses and suggested courses of action.

Contract Management
With complex projects, it can be necessary to retain external contract management. This can free you from minutiae, help you retain oversight and give you the time you need to make crucial decisions regarding your project.
Quality Management
Sometimes external quality control can be more effective and carry more weight than the internal alternative. In terms of quality control we don’t see our job in measuring at the construction site whether or not a wall is straight. For us quality starts much earlier; namely at the beginning of the planning process. Future planning stages are only signed off, when we have determined that the agreed level of quality has been maintained. Comprehensive quality management, also during the construction phase, helps to detect lapses in quality in a timely manner.
Risk Management
Comprehensive risk management is indispensible during complex development and planning processes. In order to identify internal and external risks we seek close cooperation with you and your team. Our assessment examines the likelihood of individual risks and how to influence their effects. With the help of a mathematical system we determine the risk potential.

Based on this, we develop a catalog of measures to either completely prevent disruption by certain risks or to prepare an appropriate reaction in case a disruption actually occurs.
Crisis Management
It has happened: your project has reached a crisis, endangering the project goals and forcing you to ask the question whether or not the current team can work (alone) to implement the necessary measures to bring it back on track. Here we can offer you tiered crisis management. It doesn’t matter if the cause of the disruption is internal or external. In the best case, our participation is limited to the time it takes to remove the conflict. In the case of complex causes, it may be advisable for us to support the steering of the project on a longer-term basis or until the project is completed.

Crisis management demands from our team a high degree of professional experience as well as strong leadership and sensitivity in interpersonal relations.

The main steps of a structured crisis management are:

Comprehensive analysis (Uncovering conflicts of interest in the costs, timelines, quality assessment and the organizational structure)

Development and agreement upon a catalog of countermeasures

Implementation of the countermeasures with escalating appraisal of their success