The ‘Zollernhof’ was built according to the plans of the architect Thomas Baumann to house the Berlin studios of the ZDF (second channel of German television broadcasting) and the headquarters of the VEBA AG (e.on).

The complex consists of an historically protected original building along the famous Berliner boulevard ‘Unter den Linden’ and a newly constructed, 11-storey, U-shaped building surrounding a glass-roofed courtyard.

In order to fulfill the room planning, five underground storeys had to be constructed to house the two smaller ZDF studios. The larger Studio 1, with approximately 300 m², is on the ground floor directly behind the ZDF lobby.

The project management began with efforts to receive the proper permitting and ended with the presentation of the finished building by the general contractor to the property owner.

The project management consisted of a complete package of traditional services focusing on:

Cost, scheduling and quality management in all phases of the project, reaching from the first planning concepts to the turn-key delivery of the resulting building.